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The Club's first Summer Show was held in the grounds of Ufford Place on 2nd September 1908 (see History).  The 100th anniversary of the Show was celebrated in 2008 and the following archive photographs give a flavour of this Edwardian themed event.

The Summer Show is very much a fun event which is open to all villagers free of charge, not just club members.  The competition is largely based on the traditional horticultural society shows and covers floral, vegetable, herbs and soft fruit classes, additionally there are domestic and cookery classes with arts and crafts and photography also included.  There are a range of classes for children and young people. Adding to the enjoyment there are sideshows, live music and refreshments throughout the afternoon.

This year's Summer Show will take place on Saturday 13th July at 2.00pm in St Mary's Parish Hall and adjoining Meadow - the full programme follows:


8:30-10:30am Entries brought to the Show Bench

11:00am Judging

2:00pm SHOW OPEN

4:30pm Presentation of cups, trophies, vouchers and
certificates, raffle, sideshow results and
prizes by Gerard O’Donovan

5:00pm Clearance of all sideshows and marquee

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Download the full programme - rules, committee,
exhibit advice, show classes, sponsors and prize
donations, cups and trophies

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Entry Form <here>

All entry forms must be submitted by 9pm on
Tuesday 9th July 2019

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Some of the impressive club trophies to be awarded to the winners.